September 21, 2022

Life-Changing Bread

by Kim Sunée


I recently came across a recipe called “the life-changing loaf of bread.”  The title is intriguing, yet I was skeptical of the hyperbolic use of “life-changing.”  But after reading a bit more about the bread on Sarah Britton’s genius blog, I immediately wanted to make a loaf. I even had almost all of the ingredients, but what I didn’t have was a silicon loaf pan, which is very helpful in making this particular bread (you have to unmold it before it’s fully baked).  So life got in the way and I put off making this for months…until now.

There are so many things to love about this bread, full of nuts and seeds and bound together with psyllium husks.  Making it does not require a handful of bowls or utensils–everything gets mixed right in the loaf pan, which is life-changing in itself.  Overall, this loaf is pretty amazing and tastes delicious–moist, dense, and nutty. The slices are even better toasted and topped with everything from roasted eggplant dip to honeyed ricotta. The minute I unmolded the first baked loaf, I started the next one.  I brought a loaf to my acupuncturist, who aptly named it after the stomach point, “Abundant Splendor.”  For me, nothing is going to ever replace a lovely crusty warm baguette, but life is about evolving and trying new things, especially in the kitchen.

Here’s the recipe for Sarah Britton’s Life-Changing Bread.